Shanghai population 2021

Although official data is not yet available, the population of Shanghai in 2021 is estimated to be just over 24.1 million people. This makes Shanghai the largest city in China, and the largest city proper in the world today. Rapid population growth in Shanghai over recent years has been driven by immigration. The city’s natural… Continue reading Shanghai population 2021

Japan population (2021)

The Statistics Bureau of Japan reported that the population of Japan on 1 May 2016 was 125,360,000, another slight decrease in population. How many people live in Japan? Despite a fall in population over the past year, and almost one million people over the previous five years, Japan is still the tenth largest country in… Continue reading Japan population (2021)

Chongqing population 2021

Depending on whether you are counting the city proper, or the wider urban area, or the municipal area, the population of Chongqing is either 8.5 million (the city proper), 18.4 million (the wider urban area) or 30.1 million (the municipal area). This confusion has led to some people calling Chongqing the largest city in China,… Continue reading Chongqing population 2021

Guangzhou population 2021

Our estimate of the Guangzhou population (2021) is 13,476,852. Based on the 2014 population of 13.08 million Guangzhou is the third largest city in China, after Shanghai (24 million) and Beijing (21 million). Guangzhou, previously known as Canton, is the largest city in Guangdong province, and is a part of the Pearl River Delta Mega City. This… Continue reading Guangzhou population 2021

Largest cities in China 2021

Flag map of China. Right click to download and save to your computer.

Our list of the largest cities in China includes the largest city in the world (Shanghai), 10 cities with a population of more than ten million people (see top ten below), and 145 cities with a population more than one million people (see table below).  On this page you will find information about the ten largest cities in China which, together, have a… Continue reading Largest cities in China 2021

New Zealand Population 2021

The population of New Zealand in 2021 is 5,149,645. This estimate was taken from New Zealand’s constantly updated population clock in October 2021 (see below for more information) and is based on the 2018 census, which reported a population of 4,699,755. New Zealand is the 123rd largest country in the world by population and the third largest in… Continue reading New Zealand Population 2021

Hong Kong population 2021

Flag of Hong Kong

The population of Hong Kong is estimated by the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department to be 7,346,700.  With a population of 7.35 million people, Hong Kong makes up 0.53% of the total population of China and is the sixteenth largest city in China. Hong Kong used to be a British colony, but since 1997 it has been… Continue reading Hong Kong population 2021

Slovenia Population 2021

The population of Slovenia (2021) is 2,063,317. This figure is provided by the Slovenian Government (see below for detail). Slovenia is the 143rd largest country in the world by population and the 38th largest country in Europe. Slovenia, which joined the European Union on 1 May 2004, is the 23rd largest country in the EU… Continue reading Slovenia Population 2021

Jamaica Population 2021

The population of Jamaica is 2,950,210. This makes Jamaica the fourth largest country in the Caribbean by population (after Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti), the 13th largest country in North America and the 138th largest country in the world. Despite its small population, Jamaica is a formidable competitor at the Olympics. Its sprinters have won 23… Continue reading Jamaica Population 2021

Brazil population 2021

The population of Brazil is 210,147,125 people. Brazil’s population is growing at a rate of 0.8% per year, so it is likely that Brazil’s population will reach 207 million by the beginning of 2017. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, the largest country in South America, and the second largest country in… Continue reading Brazil population 2021