Map of coups since 2000 – including Turkey

Map of coups since 2000
Map of coups since 2000

This map catalogs every coup attempt since 2000 – whether successful or not. Successful coups are recorded in red, failed coups in blue.

Update: This map has been updated to include the attempted coup in Turkey on 15/16 July 2016.

Although Turkey is mostly in Asia, it is also generally considered to be partly in Europe. Therefore, today’s coup in Turkey marks the first attempted coup in Europe since the 2014 coup attempt in Abkhazia. Prior to that, the most recent coup attempt in Europe was the 1998 Albanian coup.

Since 2000 there have been 62 coup attempts across the world and 23 successful coups.

Most coup attempts took place in Africa, although there have also been a number of coups in Asia and Central/South America.

Prior to the July 2016 attempted military coup in Turkey only one attempted coup has taken place in Europe since 2000 – in Abkhazia in 2014. Many people do not believe that Abkhazia should be included in this list, however, but it is not widely recognised as a country. If Abkhazia is excluded, the most recent coup in Europe was the 1998 coup in Albania.

Some countries have experienced multiple coups, or attempted coups. Guinea-Bissau, for example, has suffered through four coups since 2003, two of which were successful.

The table below lists every coup attempt since 2000, and notes whether the coup was successful or not. Data is drawn from the wikipedia summary of coups.

Country Year Succesful?
Ecuador 2000 Yes
Fiji 2000 No
Solomon Islands 2000 Yes
Ivory Coast 2002 No
Venezuela 2002 No
Central African Republic 2003 Yes
Mauritania 2003 No
São Tomé and Príncipe 2003 Yes
Guinea-Bissaau 2003 Yes
Philippines 2003 No
Democratic Republic of Congo 2004 No
Haiti 2004 Yes
Chad 2004 No
Democratic Republic of the Congo 2004 No
Equatorial Guinea 2004 No
Ecuador 2005 Yes
Togo 2005 Yes
Nepal 2005 Yes
Mauritania 2005 Yes
Philippines 2006 No
Chad 2006 No
Thailand  2006  Yes
Madagascar  2006  No
Fiji  2006  Yes
Ivory Coast  2006  No
Laos  2007  No
Philippines 2007 No
East Timor  2008  No
Mauritania 2008  Yes
Guinea 2008  Yes
Madagascar  2009  Yes
Honduras 2009  Yes
Niger 2010  Yes
Guinea-Bissau 2010 No
Ecuador 2010 No
Madagascar 2010 No
Egypt 2011 Yes
Democratic Republic of the Congo 2011 No
Niger 2011 No
Guinea-Bissau 2011 No
Bangladesh 2011 No
Papua New-Guinea  2011-12 No
Mali 2012 Yes
Malawi 2012 No
Guinea-Bissau 2012 Yes
Mali 2012 No
Ivory Coast 2012 No
Sudan 2012 No
Benin 2013 No
Libya 2013 No
Comoros 2013 No
Chad 2013 No
Egypt 2013 Yes
Libya 2013 No
Thailand 2014 Yes
Abkhazia 2014 No
Lesotho 2014 No
Yemen 2014-15 Yes
Gambia 2014 No
Burundi 2015 No
Burkina Faso 2015 No
Turkey 2016 No