Mississauga Population 2017

At the start of 2017 the population of Mississauga was 761,000. This makes Mississauga the sixth largest city in Canada, and the third largest city in Ontario.

It is important to note that this is a projected population produced by the city government. Their projection is based on extrapolating data from the 2011 census which showed a population of 713,443.

Mississauga along with Brampton, Canada’s 9th largest city, is a part of the Greater Toronto Area. Although it was originally founded as a suburb of Toronto, today Mississauga is a city in its own right. Click here to read more about the population of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Today, the Mississauga population is equivalent to 2% of the population of Canada and 5.5% of the population of Ontario.

Mississauga Population Growth

Mississauga’s population is growing rapidly. In the past 10 years the city’s population has grown by 92,000 people (14%). The Mississauga city government predicts that by 2041 the Mississauga population will be 878,400.

The table below lists the population of Mississauga at every census year since 1971.

Year Population Percentage Increase
1971 172,352 n/a
1976 250,017 45.1%
1981 315,055 26.0%
1986 374,005 18.7%
1991 463,388 23.9%
1996 544,382 17.5%
2001 612,925 12.6%
2006 688,549 9.1%
2011 713,443 6.7%

Results of the 2016 census are due to be published in 2017.

Mississauga Population Density

Mississauga covers an area of 292.4 km². Based on its 2011 population of 713,443, the population density of Mississauga is 2439.9 people per km².

Languages in Mississauga

English is most commonly spoken language in Mississauga. The 2011 census revealed that English was the mother tongue of 47.6% of the city’s population.

The next most commonly spoken languages were Urdu (4.9%), Polish (4.1%), Punjabi (3.2%) and Arabic (3.1%).

In total, more than half (52%) of Mississauga’s residents speak a language other than English.


French is the mother tongue of just 1% of people in Mississauga. However 6.9% of the population reported that they were able speak both English and French.

Race in Mississauga

According to the 2011 census, more than half of the population of Mississauga is non-White.

Data from the census showed that the largest single ethnic group in Mississauga is White (45.8%). The next largest groups are South Asian (21.8%), Chinese (7.1%), Black (6.3%) and Filipino (5.6%).

South Asian21.8%

Religion in Mississauga

Almost 6 in every 10 people (59.9%) in Mississauga are Christian. Other major religious groups are Islam (11.9%), Hindu (7.0%) and Sikh (3.4%). A further 14.9% of people reported that they have no religion.

No religion14.9%

Among Christians, Catholics are the largest single group. They make up 36.9% of the total population of Mississauga.

Mississauga Income

Per capita income ($41,314) in Mississauga is roughly the same as the average income across Canada ($40,650).

However the average household income ($95,052) in Mississauga is almost $16,000 higher than the Canadian average ($79,102). The median household income is also about $16,000 per annum higher.

This indicates that there is a significantly higher proportion of two income or multiple income households in Mississauga than there are in other parts of Canada.


Data in this article comes from either the City of Mississauga demographic profile or from results of the 2011 census published by Statistics Canada.

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