Pinellas County Population 2017

The Pinellas County population is 949,827 (latest US Census Bureau data).

Pinellas County is located in the state of Florida. It is the 6th largest county in Florida by population, and the 51st largest county in the US. It the most densely populated county in the state. Although the population of Pinellas County dropped by 0.5% between the 2000 and 2010 censuses (from 921,482 people in 2000 to 916,542 people in 2010), population growth has returned in the past five years.

Pinellas County Population GrowthSince the 2010 census, the number of people who live in Pinellas County has grown to 949,827, which is an increase of 3.6%.

There are two major cities in Pinellas County – St Petersburg, with a population of 257,083 (2015 data) and Clearwater, the state capital, with a population of 107,685. Together they are a part of the wider Tampa Bay metropolitan area.

Largest cities in Pinellas County

St Petersburg is the largest city in Pinellas County – its 2015 population was 257,083. It is also the 5th largest city in the state of Florida, and the 80th largest city in the US.

Clearwater, the county seat, is the second largest city in Pinellas County and the 16th largest in Florida. In 2015 its population was 107,685 people.

Other major cities in Pinellas County are Largo (population 84,500), Pinellas Park (population 49,079) and Dunedin (population 35,321).

City name Population
St Petersburg 257,083
Clearwater 107,685
Largo 84,500
Pinellas Park 49,079
Dunedin 35,321

Together, St Petersburg and Clearwater are a part of the Tampa Bay Area, alongside the larger city of Tampa Bay (which is a part of Hillsborough County) and a number of smaller unincorporated cities such as Brandon.

Formally known by the US Census Bureau as the Tampa-St Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area, the area has a population of 4,310,524 million people (2010 census).

Ethnicity / Race in Pinellas County

According to the US Census Bureau (2015 data) , the largest ethnic group in the county is White non-Hispanic (74.9%). Other major groups are Black or African alone (11.0%), Hispanic or Latino (9.1%) and Asian alone (3.5%).

White non-Hispanic74.9%
Black or African alone11.0%
Hispanic or Latino9.1%
Asian alone3.5%

Just over one in ten (11.2%) of the people living in Pinellas County were born outside of America.

Economy and income

Pinellas County has an average per capita income of $28,742. This makes it the 11th richest county in Florida.

Pinellas County$28,742
US average$27,334

Per capita income is just above the US average of $27,334.

Pinellas County Population Density

The total area of Pinellas County is 608 sq miles (1,57km2). This makes it the second smallest county in Florida by area.

However, Pinellas is the most densely populated county in Florida – it has a population density of 3,427 people per square mile (1,323 people per km2). This is more than twice the population density of Broward (1,445 people per square mile).

Pinellas County population growth

Pinellas County was founded in 1912, so the first census report is from 1920. This table lists the Pinellas County population at every census since then.

Census Year Population Percentage change
1920 28,265 n/a
1930 62,149 47.8%
1940 91,852 73.4%
1950 374,665 135.3%
1960 522,329 39.4%
1970 522,329 16.9%
1980 728,531 39.5%
1990 851,659 16.9%
2000 921,482 8.2%
2010 916,542 -0.5%

Further reading and Sources

Data used in this article comes from the US Census Bureau and the Pinellas County official Government website.