Florida Counties by Population 2021

There are 67 counties in Florida. Their population ranges from 2,662,874 people (Miami-Dade County) all the way down to 8,314 people (Liberty County).

The table in this article contains a complete list of Florida counties by population.

It also contains information about the geographical area (size) of each county, its population density, and its per capita income.

Below the table there are sections providing explanations and more detail about the largest and smallest counties in Florida, the most densely populated county, plus the richest and poorest counties in Florida.

As well as articles about individual Florida counties, we also have a detailed article on the overall population of Florida which is updated every year with the latest data. We also have a detailed list of the largest cities in Florida.

Table of Florida Counties by Population

This table lists each county, sorted by population.

A number of counties are highlighted in red – you can click through to read more detailed articles about the number of people who live in these counties and their demographics.

Note: The table has population data from 2013. Where updated population data (e.g., from 2015) is available it has been used in the explanations below. Although the population totals may be slightly different, the rankings have not changed.

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Largest County in Florida by population

Miami-Dade County is the largest county in Florida by population. In 2015, its population was 2,693,117.

As well as being the largest county in Florida, Miami-Dade is the seventh largest county in the US,

Located at in South East Florida, Miami-Dade is of course home to the city of Miami, which is also the county seat (capital) of Miami-Dade.

It is home to 900,000 more people than the next most populous county in Florida, Broward County (1,780,172) and double Palm Beach (1,335,187) the third most populous county.

Largest County in Florida by area

Palm Beach County, located in Eastern Florida, is the largest county in Florida by area. Its 2,034 square miles put it slightly ahead of Collier County’s 2,026 square miles.

The two counties couldn’t be more different, however. Palm Beach packs 1.3 million people into its territory – almost four times as many as the 328 thousand people living in Collier County.

Smallest county in Florida

Liberty County is the smallest county in Florida by population. In the far north of the state, Liberty is home to just 8,331 people (2015 data).

The smallest state by area is Union County, also in North Florida. It has an area of just 240 square miles.

Most densely populated county in Florida

Pinellas County is the most densely populated county in Florida.

Despite being the second smallest county in Florida by area (280 square miles) Pinellas is Florida’s sixth largest county by population.

Squeezing 949,827 people into just 280 square miles gives Pinellas County a population density of 3,427 people per square mile.

Richest County in Florida

St Johns is the richest county in Florida, both in terms of per capita income ($36,836) and in terms of median household income ($64,876). (Data from 2009-2013 American Community Survey).

On a count of per capita income, St Johns is also the 87th richest county in the United States.

The county is a popular retirement spot, which goes some way towards explaining its relative wealth.

Poorest County in Florida

By contrast, the poorest county in Florida is Union County, in the north of the state. It has a per capita income of just $13,590.

This low per capita income places Union County in 3,111th place out of 3,143 counties in the US, making it one of the poorest places in the entire country.